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Gran Habano Cigars Gran Reserva No. 5 (2011) - Cigar Review by Kaplowitz

"Curiously entertaining."

Gran Habano Gran Reserva 2011
WRAPPER: Nicaraguan
BINDER: Nicaraguan
FILLER: Nicaraguan, Costa Rican

FORMAT: Corona Gorda
ORIGIN: GR Tabacaleras Unidas SA, Honduras

NOTES: Malted grains, verily. Rico Suave. Grains are inherently sweet and met up-top with a toasted cream and smooth nuttiness & moderately peppery gambit. Earthen-tobacco forward and brightly-so. Undertones are hot cocoa spiced a la Mexicali, citrus honey, and something floral through the schnoz. Nethers are of more earth with a growing throughout progression latte.

Combustion works on a bit of a puckered wobble which requires a re-touch or two. Draw is a bit snug as to construction, which may be the cause of that burn. The 3/3 of the barrel is much tighter-packed than the other thirds. All told, nothing egregious -- I'm simply wearing my critic's hat... cap... Kap. thx

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

"These cigars offer a bold new experience in full-bodied premium cigars made with vintage tobaccos. Expect a remarkably smooth, earthy and spicy smoke, accompanied by notes of sweet wood and espresso of this aged smoke." -

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