Deep in flavor. Deep in your mind.


[dis]Illusione 01132019 Illusione Cigars Podcast - A Kaplowitz Media Production

Deep in flavor.
Deep in your mind.


A re-education programme
Illusione news, events, interviews
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Meet w/ The Society: 13th of every month

This month's focus is on me, Kaplowitz. I was interviewed by the head-honcho of Illusione hisself, Dion "Rhymes w/ my Uncle Leon" Giolito.

[dis]Illusione 01132019. The Official Illusione Cigars Podcast. A Kaplowitz Media Production recorded live at an undisclosed location. All things Illusione news, reviews, interviews, events, & more? The Society meets the 13th of each month. Listen in at or

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