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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Kaplowitz Media Weekly Recapitulation Volume LXXVIII

"Why not Kaplowitz?"

Simply put, Kaplowitz Media has become somewhat of a trusted source w/ a growing cult following. K/M is steak. K/M is sizzle. Yet strangely, K/M is raw. #DIY & yet again & strangely too, quite beautiful and technically sound.

Me? I was once a chef and another time a professional wrestler. I am a published writer, both on-line and on-paper, of genres ranging from Pulp to Pome. My family's roots in podcasting go back to 1901. Blogging, 1898. This, back in the Old Country of The Nicanduras Republic. Feel free to look all this up.

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Cigar News Weekly Report
Felix Assouline EGO Passion - Cigar Review Redux
Programming Note: The 2018 Kappy Awards
Gran Habano Gran Reserva No. 5 - Cigar Review


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76. Kaplowitz Radio Friday (Rebroadcast)
102. Kaplowitz Radio Friday

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