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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Kaplowitz Media Weekly Recapitulation Volume LXXIV

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Cigar News Weekly Report
La Aurora ADN Dominicano - Cigar Review
(un)Happy Halloween (or, Just Trick No Treat...
Felix Assouline EGO Black "Dark Lord" - Cigar Review
Flor de America Connecticut - Cigar Review


91. Kaplowitz Radio Monday
92. Kaplowitz Radio Friday

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"Monday & Friday. Book-end yer week-end with K/M."

Sure, that's yer weekly dose of ear candy but what of the written word?
Of blogging, proper? K/M got ya fo' sho. Furthermore, K/M got a...


TUESDAY & THURSDAY: cigar review/redux
WEDNESDAY: A list. Because bitches love lists
SATURDAY: your Kaplowitz Media Weekly Recapitulation.
SUNDAY: your Kaplowitz Media Cigar News Weekly Report.
25th of the MONTH: Kaplowitz Media Cigars of the Month.


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