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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Kaplowitz Media Cigar News Weekly Report: My Father 10th Anny, Camacho Hard Charger, Caldwell Cigars Casa de Montecristo Exclusive

"All the news that's fit to poach."


Sliding into retail humis, broskis is the My Father 10th Anniversary Limited Edition 2018. A decade ago MF cigars debuted what would be these, their inaugural LE coffin-presented Toro Extras. Aside from the format, the blend too is a familiar one. Ecuadorian Habano Rosado top-leaf over-top Nicaraguan guts. According to Halfwheel: "Included in those fillers is pelo de oro, the prized golden hair tobacco the GarcĂ­as reserve for some of the factory’s most special products."

Production is limited to 2.5K 14ct. boxes. I adore My Father boxes, just for the record. Pret-ty af.


Also shipping to market courtesy of Davidoff of Geneva USA, is the Camacho Hard Charger. The CHC is a Toro of Connecticut Broadleaf over Honduran Corojo innards. The testosterone-laden nom de tobacco is part of The Brotherhood Series, which has a kick ass pedal to the metal in yer FUCKING face military theme. The HC is particularly in homage to the Marines & limited to 1.5K 20ct. boxes.

Secure the Oil!, Napalm the Village, & Kill Brown Babies were all of course never considered as naming options. Why would they be?


Positively lavish Casa de Montecristo stores around the USA USA USA USA USA USA will be receiving a brand new exclusive via Caldwell Cigar Co., the Casa by Caldwell. It'll be available singularly in a Toro vitola, w/ Sumatra binder laid twixt Dominican fillers & Mexican San Andres wrapper.

Initially, 300 10ct. boxes have been produced, with VIP members getting 1st crack at the beauts.

Report a typo, win a No-prize.

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