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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Kaplowitz Media Cigar News Weekly Report: Oliva, Rocky Patel, Crowned Heads, La Barba Cigars

"All the news that's fit to poach."

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As Dortmund, Germany plays host to the int'l cigar biz via InterTabac -- Oliva is there -- with two new Euro exclusives. The pair includes: The Serie V Melanio Limitada 2018, a rounded version of the Serie V Melanio in a Robusto vitola. It is Limitada'd to a production of 1K 10ct. boxes. The other is a 770-sized Cain Daytona Limitada, in turn Limitada'd to 1.5K 10ct. boxes.

I can only afford the Cain offering but I also don't buy cigars.


More InterTabac news! RP's Grand Reserve is an outside the US market only release w/ an undisclosed blend coming out of EstelĂ­, Nicaragua via the TAVICUSA factory. It'll be available in countries I cannot locate on any map in the formats of: Robusto, Toro, Gordo. All in 10ct. boxes sliding into retailer humidors mid next month.


By all accounts, Ohio sucks. Maybe this'll help. Drew Estate has made a Buckeye exclusive cigar for the Crowned Heads hat company. Available there next month will be the Toro-sized & aptly titled "Buckeye Land." That's right Gentlepersons, OH joins HI, TX, & TN as states with CH homages.  The blend features a MX SA wrapper, CT binder, and guts from NI & PA. Look for it late next month.


"La Barba's splash into IPCPR 2018 waters consists of a new/3rd core brand in Primitivo. Company head honcho, Tony Bellato, a WSET level 3 Sommelier has tied this project into the wine world via its very name. Beyond that, somehow the palate is at play -- I am flippantly unsure as to how but am a BIG fan of Belatto's work thus far.

"Primitivo, La Barba's first foray into Maduro (San Andres) will be rolled in the DR @ Henderson Ventura into 25ct. boxes. Guts are an Indonesian binder and Dominican; Nicaraguan; Pennsylvanian filler leaves. Four sizes will be in the offering, a Corona, a Robusto, a toro, and a very phallic if yer #blessed, Gordo. They'll be distributed alongside Caldwell Cigars and Room 101 Cigars, by Down and Back LLC."  - Me, in the July 1 Cigar News Weekly Report.

Well, make that Ricochet, thanks to TM issues (JR Cigars/Santa Clara, Inc. owns the rights to Primitivo). "Ricochet" is what La Barba owner Belato sites as a "return" to his roots, a la the previous Primitivo nom de tobacco. "Boomerang" HAS to already be taken, as well. Plus "Roots" is "too ethnic."

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