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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Cigar News Weekly Report: Warped Cigars, CAO, Smoking Jacket, & Tatuaje

"All the news that's fit to poach."


Insufferable hipsters, rejoice. For at the 2018 IPCPR Trade-show your favorite brand, Warped, has a new 'un a-comin'. It's, of course, a small batch limited production cigar which you probably haven't heard of, called Moon Garden. Plus get this -- Lancero. Now that is going to look great, poking out from yer lumberjack beard. Careful, some of the essential organic gluten-free oils you rub into that thing are quite flammable.

Aganorsa Leaf, the artist formerly known as Casa Fernandez, will be rolling it out of their TABSA factory in Esteli. What makes this Lancero different? The blend will employ a high-priming Medio Tiempo leaf. This is the calling card of other Warped offerings such as the Flor de Valle Sky Flower and Maestro del Tiempo 610R. The full Moon Garden blend is: Nicaragua Corojo ’99 top-leaf, Nica binder, & Criollo ’98 guts. The 650 10ct. boxes of will be decorated w/ Japanese watercolor artwork. Sure that country is responsible for historically unspeakable atrocities... but Origami, too.


CAO Cigars is now yet another part of the Tobacconist Association of America (TAA) Exclusive Series parcel. Earlier this week or late last week, dunno but, General Cigar Company unveiled the CAO EstelĂ­. It's a blend of Nicaraguan Jalapa top-leaf over Honduran binder, Nica Seco, Honduran, & Dominican guts. This multi-nation offering is in one-size only -- a 654 Toro Grande, packaged in 10ct. boxes of which 1,500 have been made. It'll be readily available @ TAA retailers come August.


One Hendrik Kelner Jr. of Smoking Jacket Cigars, via Halfwheel, announced that The Smoking Jacket Limited Edition II will be made a regular production offering upon the 2016 debuting cigar's 2018 IPCPR Trade-show return. A Toro thing, which sees a Dominican binder laid twixt DR, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian innards, & top-leaf o' DR Corojo -- will be presented in 10ct. boxes.


The Tatuaje Reserva SW Short, shipped this week. Friday last, Pete "Don't Call Me Dick" Johnson of Tatuaje was at Honolulu's Fujioka’s Wine Times for the big launch on the big island. The stick measures 4 3/4 x 47, a less lengthy version of the Tatuaje Reserva SW blend. That blend checks in at a Habano Rosado Claro wrapper over-to Nicaraguan binder & filler. They're being rolled outta El Rey de los Habanos in Miami, 'Murica. #MAGA

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