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K/M 3rd Anniversario Events Guide/Index

Kaplowitz Media is turning three y.o., yo!

*** Speaking of edited posts, keep checking back here for more info as September nighs itself AND unfurls. [As instructed in brackets up-top.] ***

The month of September, or Shemptember 'round this way, is a month-long Aniversario Celebration, yes. There's more to it than 'just' that, tho. It's also the month where Kaplowitz Media picks up its pace in financially securing another Aniversario in 365. That's right -- I'm begging for money. Well, busking really & to be further apt. I mean I am performing somewhat here.


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Again, much of Shemptember (other than partying like it's 1999) is re: raising funds to keep me going. Keep me G R O W I N G. As such, here's another fine way to do-so. Get one for you and another for the one(s) ya love. Order them post haste @ & Celebrate Kaplowitz Media's BDay Month!

Of course, I get more moolah and you get less schmatta if you simply donate via To be clear, that's the same PayPal addy as the above "Go HERE to support K/M."

"Another Way [to help]: is to simply share posts ya like with yer social media friends {edit - THIS POST YER READING RIGHT HERE WOULD BE AWESOME.} Posts ya don't like? Share those with yer social media enemies. Also, don't forget to tell folks about me when you haul your fleshy tuchus away from the computer and out into the "real" world. Be gentlepersons wherest-ever ya may roam. & thank-you!" - Me, last year. Holds true.


[Check back oft for more handy-dandy info as it develops]

[As pertinent posts post, an index of such will happen (bottom of page).]

  • September 1st (time TBD) KAPATHON 2018 
  • September 15th Kaplowitz Media Festival (time/place TBD)
  • September 30th CIGAR OF THE YEAR Announced
more 411 as-to events...

KAPATHON 2018: a four (4) hour Facebook Live Video where I'll be smoking and talking and doing the old school telethon kinda thing. Start time TBA

KAPLOWITZ MEDIA FESTIVAL: formerly "Jew Smoke" now more inclusive in/of name.

CIGAR OF THE YEAR: this is a process.
  1. All Cigars of the Month shall be listed (9/26)
  2. A best of each month shall be announced (9/27)
  3. List shall then be whittled down to ten (9/28)
  4. Ten-six announced (9/29)
  5. Five-one announced (9/30)
Boom. Check out last yr.'s to see how that played out.
(It all unfurls in one edited daily post.)

*** Speaking of edited posts, keep checking back here for more info as September nighs itself AND unfurls. [As instructed in brackets up-top.] ***

Also throughout the month, I will be 'penning' "10" lists. Because bitches love lists and they also love my ten" personality. Said lists will be of the year's most MEMORABLE cigars in different groups according to format, top-leaf, origin country, etc. Note: MEMORABLE, and not to be confused with my Cigars of the Year or "best of," coming Sept. 26-30. Although I am certain there will be overlapping. k.