Deep in flavor. Deep in your mind.

Matthew Davis

I have been smoking cigars for close to 10 years and have taken the plunge into the world of cigar reviews.

As a lover of history, I noticed that many powerful men including Churchill and JFK enjoyed cigars in many of their famous photos. I decided to give cigar smoking a try and after smoking a Cain Daytona I never looked back. I became enveloped in the world of cigar smoking and would tape cigar bands into a notebook and give a review of the cigar I smoked. 

A few years later and here we are. Being that I have only been smoking for under 10 years, I still have a lot to learn and hope that my reviews will help people make informed decisions about the cigars they buy. Whether you are enjoying a cigar on the golf course, with your friends, or after a special moment, remember, life is too short to smoke bad cigars.


Anastasia Opera Cigar Review

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