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For a tick over two years now,, with myself as its sole content creator, hath been a cigar-centric or at least quite-friendly internet oasis of quasi-intellectual cigar reviews (an archive of 500+ in written form), educational information, and lifestyle/etiquette bits of interest. This proverbial plethora of infotainment is disseminated to gentlepersons in some two dozen countries via expertly researched and written writings.

The Sports Section consists of my daily columns (with occasional special editions) covering the worlds of baseball, boxing, and horse racing. Just like in the olde days of myth and legend, bliss and ignorance. The movie Pleasantville, played sdrawkcab.

Politics will not be discussed.
Schtick Yiddish and Pig Shakespearean shall be employed freely.

Too, there is Kaplowitz Radio.

Topics are thems listed above and now below:
  • CIGARS (reviews and news)
  • SPORTS (baseball, boxing, and horse racing)
  • HUMOR (less funny than comedy)
I was once a chef and another time a professional wrestler. I am a published writer, both in print and on paper, of genres ranging from Pulp to Pome. I have never not been a writer/talker. At nine years of age, I published a weekly or monthly (I cannot recall) newspaper covering my parents’ Brooklyn apartment complex. I now live in the Pacific Northwest with my Dachshund Ruby Vondella and some other folk, some of my surname.

If you're a brand-owner/operator, and you feel all this speaks to ya in 'nuff a way to make good 'cents,' there are several options I offer potential buds, chums, and pals such as you.
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