Deep in flavor. Deep in your mind.

Andrew Perelson

As your friendly neighborhood admin (I am the admin along with Mike Weinstein for Kaplowitz Media Group) I want to tell you I am more multifaceted than just liking our BBQ and cigar photos. I live in the Hudson Valley of NY State near West Point and have young kids, hence my lack of cigar postings on my personal page.

Teachers are on the hunt for degenerate parents which I am not -- but it might appear as so by my social media. My daily life includes being immersed in the Transportation Industry where I consult on technology for subways, buses, and trains.

Also, I consider myself an expert on what’s called 'mobility,' which is how the industry is changing rapidly through the Ubers and other new techs of the world. I love cigars, booze, and food like you all do. As well as Premier League Soccer, NFL, and NHL. I camp and boat and spend as much time on a lake or beach as possible. I also love movies and crime books. I write for, as well.


Between the Leaves #1 Raymond Pages Raffo (Tabacalera AJ Fernandez)

Between the Leaves #2 Paul Schuett (Cigar Broker)

You may contact Andrew via email.