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Kaplowitz Media Programming Note & Advertising Opportunities

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"


A note as to the Kaplowitz Media. schedule. KM has been publishing daily posts for quite some time now -- couple years or so. This, of course, minus a yearly hiatus spanning Feb. 14 - 28/9. Meh, particulars.

Now, Sundays will see no new content.

This means that the Weekly Recapitulation posts will be seen atop the blog for the entirety of the weekend. Specifically, from Sat. 5:01am PT to Mon. 5:01am PT. These recaps, for the record, are generally the most-seen of my posts.


Which brings this/us around to the 'advertising opportunities' portion of this post title. I am, as of now, looking for an advertiser or two to sponsor upcoming Weekly Recapitulations. If interested, contact me (info below). This will include an image(logo) + link(your site) + slogan(sentence of copy) atop the entry.

& while I'm about this tyrannical capitalistic bent... another couple of sponsorship ideas for those whom may be interested in such & G-d bless them. I'm rn offering the same image(logo) + link(your site) + slogan(sentence of copy) atop each of the KM review pages. Both Cigars and Coffee & Tea. These are well-viewed index pages containing an ABC'd directory of all reviews. thx


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