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Cohiba Connecticut Coming in March | Cigar News by Kaplowitz

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

Cohiba is set to release their first-ever Connecticut (seed) offering and CONGRATS! -- you won't have to spend a c-note to s-moke it*. General Cigar Co. has, after some teasing, finally made official its pending March arrival to market. The top-leaf is via Ecuador, the guts are Brazilian, Dominican, & Nicaraguan; and a Mexican San Andres binder is doth laid twixt dat/dem.

The thing will be rolled (almost natch) in the General Cigar Dominicana factory into four sizes: a pair of Robustos (one a tubo), a Toro, & Gigante (a Gordo).

If I might editorialize a moment: this salami sammich I'm eating is delicious.

*Kaplowitz Media Cigar News Weekly Report: Drew Estate, Hamlet, Hit & Run, JC Newman, & Cohiba Spectre ((( link )))

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