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Benjamin Holt Buys Dissident Cigars | Cigar News by Kaplowitz

"Why not Kaplowitz?"

Why not Kaplowitz? Maybe because everyone else reported on this bit of news days ago. Hey! Layoff, man. I'm a very busy one-horse show, operating under strict self-inflicted post scheduling.


Benjamin Holt, Boutiques Unified rep, has purchased Dissident Cigars -- with an eye on relaunching the brand. Via press release, Holt stated the now Dissident focus to be on a "new generation of cigar smokers." I'm at the age now, where I'm not sure he's exactly talking about/to me. Does anyone wanna help me set up my VCR?

Holt has done a fair bunch in his half-decade in the industry: Retail as a start @ TJ’s Cigar Lounge in McGregor, Texas ---> Black Label Trading Co. & Black Works Studios (2015) ---> Boutiques Unified after BLTC joined that mix (2016). he'll continue w/ BU 'until further notice.'

As to Dissident: intro'd by retail owners Jason Webster and Neil Edwards, The Humidor in Wichita, Kansas (2013) ---> Gordon Crippen and Ryan Johnson hopped aboard as brand ambassadors then hopped off (2015) ---> entered an open-ended hiatus of a hibernation. Bloc and Soapbox were a couple of lines which received a couple minutes of attn.

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