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Programming Note: Kaplowitz Radio & Television Special Series "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill

"The voice of the cigar world."

KAPLOWITZ MEDIA stylized parenthetically as (K/M) will be airing special content in a serial format and across Kaplowitz Radio & Television platforms.

What began in 112. Kaplowitz Radio Friday ((( LINK ))) will see its way to a conclusion on each and every KR and KTv aired program twixt now and, as stated, conclusion (of the book).

[re: ETA -- there are 15 chapters which I plan to read one of on each KR programme. As to KTv particulars, not sure, we shall see. That's the ballpark figure I have to offer at this time. Special 'pop-up' audio episodes is an idea not off the table.]

What to expect insofar as content throughout this series: Me, reading from "The Inspirational Classic," THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill. Of course, I'll be enjoying a fine cigar and peppering my reading with thoughts of that. Of course, too, I'll have my off-the-cuff thoughts with which to interject. Nevertheless, each and every word of the book will be read.

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