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Kaplowitz Media (K/M) Presents a Felix Assouline Cigars (FAC) Contest

Why not Kaplowitz?"

Who likes to be a winner? Everyone.
Who likes free cigars? Everyone.
Who doesn't like when I say "Gut Shabbos" instead of "Shabbot Shalom? Felix Assouline.

Still, Felix & I have bridged that nasty chasm twixt we. So much so that we've joined forces to bring to you Gentlepersons, this fun Facebook contest. Each entry -- and every one of you can get TONS of entries -- sets you up to WIN B I G.

Tell them what they'll win, Kap...

(1) Ego Perfect
A full flavored line of cigars. The careful blending of tobaccos from Jamastran, Jalapa and Indonesia are brought together to create a full flavor cigar that is further enhanced by “pressing” the Tobaccos together and aging them carefully before boxing them and shipping them to their eventual home, your humidor.

(1) Havana Sunrise Reserve Prelude
A creamy, medium bodied cigar full of warmth. Havana Sunrise Reserve is our nod to the old traditions of yesterday. Havana Sunrise Reserve Cigars is a medium to full body line. HSR are produced with carefully blended tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua and Indonesia.

(1) II Saints La Douce Nuit
II Saints is a French brand which specializes in a complete men’s accessories [line] including ashtrays, lighters, belt buckles, rings, bracelets and now Felix Assouline Cigars and II Saints bring you the cigar. [IISaintS, France] II Saints is produced in our factory in Esteli, Nicaragua with Tobaccos grown from our farm in Jamastran, Honduras. The valley in Jamastran is known for its flavorful tobaccos which feature a sweetness and strength inherent in each puff. II Saints Cigars are all box pressed like most of our brands. II Saints feature a Lijero dark wrapper marking the cigar as a unique find in the cigar world.

[All descriptions courtesy of]

But wait there's MORE...

A Felix Assouline Dark Lord baseball cap so sexy as to (almost) rival my voice (not really). Wear it to keep your yarmulke from flying off yer head in the wind. Wear it to tantalize members of the opposite sex. Wear it to make envious, members of the same sex. Just fucking wear it. Eat a BLT under it for all I care. Pffft.

"OK, so how do I enter?" - You
"It's simple." - Me
  1. Like the Felix Assouline Official Facebook Page (link
  2. Like the Kaplowitz Media Facebook Page (link)
  3. Join the Felix Assouline Cigar Family Facebook group (link)
  4. Join the Kaplowitz Media Group on Facebook (link)
  5. Like & share posts from all the above.
Now, ya don't HAVE to do each & every one of those things, but for each ya do do (lol) you get another entry. How many entries can ya have? UNfuckingLIMITED. Just keep on liking & sharing.

So lettuce break the internet worse than that lady with the big tuchus did. A winner will be drawn on Halloween (12:01am PT). What a positively ghoulish treat!

[will be announced here]

Bob Langmaid
of San Diego, CA
You have till 12:01am 11/2 to claim yer prize
Email (LINK) me your shipping address.

If there is no response in 24 hrs, another name will be drawn. Stay tuned!!!