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Cigar News Weekly Report: Aging Room, Tatuaje, Black Label, Joya de Nicaragua, Ventura & Giannini, RM101 | Lost&Found

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Aging Room (Rafael Nodal) has announced Puro Cepa, a new cigar coming out next month. The nom de tobacco is Spanish for "Pure Bred," fitting for the Nicaraguan Puro it is. Within its xenophobic composition is a representative bit of leaf from Esteli, Jalapa, Condega, & Ometepe -- the country's major growing regions. The Puro Cepa will be rolled in three sizes: a Robusto (Rondo) Toro (Mezzo) & Grande (Super Toro). The Super Toro will fight crime in the inner city night. Not really. All will be housed in 20ct. boxes. Really.


Get ready to drop to yer stupid Saints & Sinners knees, Gentlepersons! (Is SnS still a thing?) For there is a new Tatuaje event-pack, “Gov’t Cheese Steak!” Always with the fun names, are Tatuaje and L’Atelier, for their event-only cigars. News of this latest broke when Pete "Don't Call Me Dick" Johnson took to Instagram w/ a pic of the 10ct. bundles. Their format is a Petite Lonsdale sorta one, draped in Broadleaf.


According to an earlier this week announcement, the 3rd Black Label Trading Co.’s Bishops Blend entry is set to arrive just before April showers bring May flowers. The original Bishops Blend debuted in 2016 w/ an Ecuadorian Habano Maduro top-leaf, Ecuadorian Habano binder, & filler via Nicaragua, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Brand-owner James Brown described the flavor, and you can probably find those notes somewhere. Formats include: Corona Larga and Robusto, each in 20ct. boxes. All will natch be rolled at the co. factory, Fabrica Oveja Negra in fab-u-lous Nicaragua. Production will be limited to 600 boxes of each vitola. Calm down, Darryl Martin. (Inside joke.)


Joya de Nicaragua, for the first time in 1/2 a decade, will be offering an exclusive release for the Tobacconists Association of America (TAA). This on April 29th in La Romana, DR at the organization's convention. 2018 sees both JdN & TAA celebrating Golden Anniversaries. The cigar is a Toro extension to Joya de Nicaragua’s Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Gran Reserva line. A line originating in 2005 and brought back just last year. The idea is a more mature and refined Antaño 1970. The blend is Nica Puro and will be made available in 20ct boxes, rolled at of course Joya de Nicaragua SA, in of course Nicaragua.


Congrats to Michael Giannini on having been promoted to General Manager of Ventura Cigar Co. Wanna know more about his resume? What am I, LinkedIn? Wanna know more about Ventura? What am I, a cigar reviewer? Oh. I adore their Slaughterhouse (Natural Robusto).


Remember when Matt Booth retired for 6-months? What a hoot. Now he's joined farces with Lost&Found for “three very small limited releases.” We'll first be experiencing SuperStroke. I did not mean for that to sound quite-so sexual. Caressing a Dominican binder and fillers via the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Nicaragua, will be an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper The SS will be available in Corona & Robusto formats and that SS crack ain't funny cuz see Fred lost family in the Holocaust (inside joke). Between the two vitola are ~5K sticks. Lost&Found is an idea I covet and am quite mad at Robert Caldwell for beating me to. Look into it, Gentlepersons. Tho the name says it all.

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