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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Alpha Absinthe Infused Connecticut - Cigar Review

Alpha Absinthe Infused Connecticut
5 1/2 x 60 Gordo
A quite well-constructed/performing cigar of tight seams and smooth, even draw. Images of pignoli cookies and pistachio nuts are left in the wake of somewhat acidic boozy tannic delivery of sweet cedar and thin white mocha latte primary. A layer of pale leather covers the dirt under-belly. Twixt thems are a white pepper-led piquancy with pale spices of a somewhat exotic lilt. A Juniper tartness. A Granny Smith apple nod extends unto and into finish.

[I still don't grade infused offerings]

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Connecticut
BINDER: Dominican
FILLER: Dominican, Nicaraguan

STRENGTH: Mild-Medium
ORIGIN: Dominican Republic
Whilst this is natch an infused Connecticut offering, I'd not hesitate to offer it up to a non-enthusiast of either/both. It doth conjure up green imagery as listed above, but none in the way which would be cited as a 'Connie issue.' Too, it is infused, but with imagery conjured again -- not in the manner to envision a fat French prostitute stuffing handfuls of Skittles into her mouth. Quite nice.

Viva the different.

"Upholding cuban traditions, the cigars are rolled in pairs, and bunched in the cuban entubado style for optimal draw. Prior to rolling, a single leaf in each cigar is lightly infused with a premium French Absinthe. The 15 different herbs used in the production of this Absinthe lend diverse botanical subtleties to the cigar, especially on the retrohale."