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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Flatbed Track 7 - Cigar Review

... An excerpt from THIS Boxing City Podcast post.

During which, I also took a looksie at the Flatbed Cigar Co. Track 7 offering.

From their website:
"A new Track 7 cigar by Flatbed Cigar Company. A beautiful Connecticut Sun Grown wrapper. Filler is: 2 Dominican Ligero's and Seco Cubano. Also...Nicaraguan Ligero, and some Kentucky Fire cured too! A full bodied, full flavored cigar in the popular 6x60 size. This blend has a sweat smokey-ness with hints of chocolate, coffee, and walnuts. Note; the body (amount of smoke) is very full, but the "strength" is medium, to medium strong. A very enjoyable cigar anytime of day. A truly beautiful looking cigar with that Connecticut grown wrapper."
What I saw:
Some lumpiness on barrel, some loose seams, but an even draw and straight burn. Flavors notes were a medium+ delivery of cream, pale nuts, loaded diner-style coffee, light orange blossom honey, nougat, and just a hint of tire fire via the Kentucky fire-cured (which mellowed during the 1/3). Medium bodied, light-medium strength'd. Low to medium complexity, nuance, and transition. Nicely, calmly balanced.


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