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Thursday, March 16, 2017

E.P. Carrillo New Wave Reserva - Cigar Review

E.P. Carrillo
New Wave Reserva Connecticut
5 x 50 Robusto
w. Ecuadorian Connecticut
b. Connecticut Broadleaf
f. Dominican & Nicaraguan
m. Tabacalera La Alianza S.A. factory, Santiago, Dominican Republic
Complex and verily so, as well as verily tho lesser-so, nuanced. Balance is exceptional, even through some nifty transitions. Medium-flavored and robustly so. Body is also a robust medium of creams which mount sweetly to a 3/3 crescendo. Some yeastiness, too. A nice zetz of pepper-spice tingles the tongue. Excellent moisture levels in smoke-hole hold a sweetbitter spiced finish of medium+ legs. Mild-medium strength'd until hitting medium in the 3/3 wherest it is a tick throaty.

At the bell there are notes of buttery cedar under an on-draw white and retro-haled black pepper. Settles to show turmeric*. Butterscotch. Bright dirt. Lemon peel. Traces of cayenne, particularly on finish. Caramel. Cafe Americano. 2/3 intros in a lightly complected leather. Pignoli Cookies. Chamomile and dandelions. 3/3 ushers in a sweet cream soaring and new spice array of a somewhat exotic lilt. A light malted cocoa dalliance shows up just shy of band.

Construction is first seen through an evenly packed and densely so notedness, with just a tick of pinch-ability and snappy spring-back. 10-pounds-of-tobacco-in-a-five-pound-bag vibe. Invisible seams doth holdeth straight-thru. Barely as much as a minimum amount a' veins. Draw is a medium+ and even throughout in satiation and saturation of smoke-hole. Cap is well affixed and, along with the shoulder, holds firm against my lips and their tugging. Some slight crackling of top-leaf happens at mid-point, cosmetic only and smoked through sans affair. Cool temp'd to the tooth-picked nub. Combustion sees a bit of a wobble but is never in no need of re-touch. Pacing is excellent and shaft remains cool throughout. Moderate smoke out-put off each end, culminating in a leathery cedar room-note which verily, is sweet. Ash builds in a pale/mid grey hue'd marbling upon slightly dry sheath. Makes an inch of the stuffs, easily. Wrapper/binder/fillers burn in stride.

*"Turmeric is mildly aromatic and has scents of orange or ginger. It has a pungent, bitter flavor." Spice Encyclopedia

Please see that the flavor note of Pignoli Cookies is a link to a recipe. Too, I accept baked goods as gifts. I ain't had a decent pine nut cookie since many a moon ago Brooklyn. Cuccio's on Avenue X. I mean, if yer in the area...

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