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Asylum Premium - Cigar Review

Asylum Cigars
Premium Sixty
6 x 60 Toro
w. Nicaraguan Habano Maduro
b./f. Nicaraguan
m. Nicaragua
Medium-full offering. Lettuce break it down further? Soitenly. Bittersweet flavors register a W on the Kaplowitz Scale. Body is a W... an O whenst leather stiffens and an I whenst it oils. Strength is an O. Meaning this Asylum errs toward the medium of the aforementioned medium-full spectrum. Not smoothly textured, and really rather gruff. Never abrades palate, but there is some fatigue.  Dry mouf, a bissell. Seems to try at mellow -- misses it by varying increments but comes closest at the mid 3/3. Almost sans complexities lend to a laborious smoke of great length. Nuances are a tick more-so than sans, appear as a smoky nigh scorched addition to notes which ebbs and flows. Too dry to be rich, really. Tiring, actually. Balanced by tedium delivery.

Flavor notes in order of appearance: 1/3: dark toasted earth/dried compost mimics black pepper via a scorching. Some seasoned woods are in there. Softens a couple/few puffs in... lets "shine" through a heavily roasted espresso bean and dark nuttiness. All verily components of earthy bits. 2/3: leathery. Leathery oils, at times. Softer, still -- but not soft, per se. Earthy, still. Baking chocolate, slight. Toasted dark grains. Spices, a generic spice-rack. Scant bits a' beef jerky. Woods form a mesquite/hickory thing. Molasses, burnt in a fry-pan. Slight sense of potpourri. Smoky-toasty nigh scorch -- just misses the mellowing mark. 3/3: Predominantly earthen in a dark manner, and a leathery fluctuation twixt stiff and oiled. Not much else insofar as additions. Potpourri proved fleeting. Jerky is Splitsville.

Construction is a pre-light loosey-goosey bit of nigh haphazardly-hewn uneven seams and jenky cap affixmentation. Veiny some; toothy some more. Oily sheen o'er lumpy shaft gets added to as smoke progresses and cigar warms. Draw is a tick awkward on account a' the 60rg, but mechanically all there is copacetic. Packing starts firm with no hard/soft spots, ends in a medium manner of density. Nub smoke is soft side of coarse and warmed a tick. Combustion is well paced and set to a slow+ rate of speed. Although it doth go clean out and needs re-lit coming out of mid-point. Ash is of a pale grey dry exterior built in a sheath/stack a' dimes mixed formation -- makes an inch easily off an oily core. All told, burns even, but not dead-line'd so. Ticks of top-leaf are hesitant to burn hither and thither. Wrapper/binder/filler burn in decent sync. Moderate then moderate+ then WOW that's a lotta smoke, smoke out-put yields a leathery earthen spice note.

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