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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hammer + Sickle Tradicion Serie - Cigar Review

Hammer + Sickle
Tradicion Serie
6 x 50 Toro
w. Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
b./f. Dominican
k a p l O w i t z
Smooth suede hand-feel. Nary a vein. Tight and even seams. Packed stiff but with a slight soft-spot at the opening act's end. Draw is a medium tension and even throughout, yet floods the palate more as it progresses. At the half, there is some softening a tick ahead of char and follows at the same distance on-down. In 2/3 there is a slight bit of loose top-leaf on a seam which gets smoked through rapido(sky).

k a p l O w i t z
Lights well and eagerly quick, burn mimics that eagerness of speed and I seem to start a half-inch in. Then a crack in ash develops and that soft-spot already mentioned, softens. At 3/4 an inch, I timidly roll ash into my Crowned Heads tray and -- no issue remains. Another 1/4 and we're burnin' even and building about the palest DR sheath I ever did seen. Pace slows then picks back up at the mid-point. Occasional ribbons are self-corrected in a quick fashion. Filler seems hotter than binder/wrapper to varying degrees throughout.

k a p L o w i t z
Sweet and tangy Dominican earth (Because earth sounds better than dirt) as golden as its top-leaf. Cream by the pound. Butter with a slight nutmeg addition. Floral marshmallow fluff. Pine nuts with a caramel lilt. Popcorn? Lettuce revisit sweet and tangy: sweet bits come in an uncomplicated table sugar way which makes me think 'Baccarat.' We'll call it a natural somewhat raw tobacco with nods to marshmallow and caramel. Tangy as in a lemonade citrus note. Light grains. Apple blossom honey vibes. Notes of summer-time on my 3rd day of Chanuka porch. Finish is a country drive through a sweet sun'd stretch of land. Which country, I am not sure(sky).

Not complex per se, but quite subtle nuances are there. A singular onset of 3/3 new dose of cream transition brings in greater sweetnesses and mutes nutmeg. Not overly balanced, but not egregiously underly.

k a p L o w i t z
Lemonade and nutmeg doth tingle nigh out of proportion till that fresh delivery of cream in 3/3. Excellent moisture-level in smoke-hole, yet dries a tick on finish and ends something less than cleanly. Smooth and lesser soft. There are edges, gentlepersons -- albeit in a Disney villain manner. Does get half a tick throaty in spots.

k A p l o w i t z
The slightest of buzz atop my head.
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