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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Macanudo Cafe - Cigar Review

Macanudo Cafe
5 1/2 x 42 Duke of Devon (Corona)
w. Connecticut Shade
b. Mexican San Andrean
f. Dominican (Piloto Cubano), Mexican
General Cigar, Dominican Republic
Procured via Cigars City HERE
(Boxing) Does Roc Nation Sports have an untimely case of collective laryngitis? I've not heard much about this Saturday's Ward/Kovalev Showdown. Meanwhile Team Kovalev seems more interested in selling me workout clothes via Facebook sponsored ads, than selling the public on tickets/PPV buys. Have you seen the under-card? Drek, verily.

Who wins? Whomever controls distance. This can be said in any match, but is of a particular importance here. That might scream Ward, but Kovalev's nom de ring ain't Krusher for no reason. Kovalev inside of ten and later therein. Ward's need to be perfect will be challenged by his general lack of ring-time.

DISCLAIMER: For entertainment purposes only. Don't hock me a chainik, gentlepersons, in the event my crystal ball is cheap glass. But do forgive my Yinglish.
White peppery chicken broth with saltines. Really. Trust me. I'm an internet-based expert. Smooth but not boring or even velvety, there is some finely ground coarseness... a talc. Mild, natch. Pack softens a surprising amount off toast/light, particularly so an inch off nacsent burn-line, an evening yet still slightly ribbon'd mascara. Quite fusty-laced room-note and draw, sweetly on each. Finish is very pleasant with nice legs given the mellow profile. Finishes clean. An almost wasabi vagueness vibe sidles up.

Burnt offerings are a loose in ticks sheathing of palest grey with silver flecks. Line is even now and mascara thins. Packing hath softened no mo', but has not yet re-firmed. Pale fleshed nuts. Diner-style cup a' joe. Earth underbelly, sunlit and with some sweet hay attachmentation rises. Natural tobacco. Draw is a very smoothly satiating even medium+ tension. Some citrus is in the hay, erring palate to a bit dryly sour. Fustiness is up. A sturdy blend. A light graham flour locomotive; shavings of white chocolate caboose. Ash dumps shy of an inch -- no sin given the vitola.

Ash begins to exhibit a bit of flake on a shade darker hue. Grains rise. A retro-hale adds a bit of black pepper to the white and ends in a sweet hay coffee sorta manner. Fusty. Clouds are building around me, soft white ones and they smell of sweet pale spice. On the draw, there's an orange blossom honey note which plays with fusty bits in a malted grains sorta manner.

Packing is firm as ever 'twas now, back to its medium+ pre-light Charmin squeeze. Draw has opened to a medium. Big smoky-smoke obscures my QWERTY. Ash gets back to pretty. Top-leaf feels kinda loosely draped atop binder. Seams hold fast. Verily, the middle act is a reinforcing of the opener, with an addition of some subtle complexities and nuances.

Texture is tantalizing. Smooth but not as a baby's bottom. Herbs and spices, be they slight and pale, keep the smoke not gruff, but a fine grit of kindness. There's a hint of vanilla extract on the start of finish and in the morning porch air around me. No hard transitions, but the already made mention of nuances/complexities stave off boredom.

More nutty now. Macademia, mayhaps hazelnut. The first goes toward sweet bits, the second to sour ones. nifty delineation, gentlepersons. Finish grows in its coffee lilt. The waitress is a bit long in the tooth, but quite attractive. Most of my life, I've involved myself with waitresses and nurses. I have regrets -- tho none concerning that.

Marjoram and mustard seed. The onset's white peppery chicken broth with saltines is loud. I remove the band to zilch ado and realize the remaining shaft hath become quite soft. Draw and seams are neither altered nor loosened by this. Sugar cubes get added to coffee and that's a nice balance to the delicate savoriness. Smoke stays cool to the nub and I reach for a toothpick, my attention shifting two hours northward to to track --

(Horse racing) PORTLAND MEADOWS 11/20
1 Jacango
2 Tickle ur Fancy
3 Blaze to Gold
4 Curlew Slew
5 Wups
6 Ontheshadyside
7 Najran Breeze
8 Miss Nikki
When in doubt, I went with age. Thoughts of that waitress swimming in my head. See the above disclaimer, gentlepersons. To which I'll add, don't bet the dough dough.
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