Diesel Rage - Cigar Review Redux

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This is not meant to be a stand-alone review. Please read my original review of this stick HERE prior to reading this Redux. Notes will in a large way be in response to the original write-up. K A P L O W I T Z SCALE will be utilized. Cigars in Redux shall be broken down into an abridged II act performance.

Why Redux? Different vitola, blend tweaks, and simple second chances are the leading reasons. Flights of fancy play a part, as well. Please note that if something is unchanged from original write-up, in this Redux, I won't needlessly redundantly again state it, again. If it happened therein, it happened herein.

Diesel Rage
Measures 7 x what looks 48/50 
Churchill, but cannot find that vitola
w. Ecuadorian Habano Sun Grown Oscuro wrapper
b./f. Nicaraguan from Cuban seed.

This offering, to note, has had a minimum of six months humi-time.
Previous review was of the 5 x 56 box-pressed Torpedo.
This format, as was the first, is courtesy (with thanks) of and to Cigars City.


  • Construction in this format seems superior to quite vague box-press of the Torpedo.
  • The vanilla here surges and holds against previous cayenne and now add'l white pepper.
  • Asian Spices are very there again. A bit fresher produce here.
  • Chocolate and Anise finish: check -- but more complex by lingering Asian stuffs.
  • Burn wavers but tries at self-correction. Fast-paced as prior.
  • Same earthen notes.
  • "Retro-hale is an unkind cayenne and leather with a now sharp earth." Ditto, gentlepersons.
  • Ash here is tighter and paler, if memory serves.
  • Much of two things: better balance, and more prominent notes. I'm digging.
  • Construction here softened nada on the light, by the by.
  • Burn is finding even.
  • Vanilla gets a definite caramel addition. Thick and spicy sweet mouth.
  • An inch in and I'm getting that root beer, but it's less fizz more syrup here.
  • Root beer syrup gets molasses and sirs in with stir-fry. It's good, trust me.
  • Ash lilts a tick. I roll it off. Dense and a lil warm. Burn cones a touch. 
  • I set my pace to Churchill and all smooths re: combustion.
  • "Chocolate is nice but harsh'd by that sharp leather and earth forefront." Lesser but still.
  • Clove happens alongside cayenne and w. pepper on R/H.
  • Nic clubs me, ambush style. Mouth-feel is growing a tick harsh.
  • Asian stir-fry has reverted to previous offering's status.
  • Combustion is down a notch. Burn wobbles... no re-touch.
  • Smoke goes a tick greenish. Me too!
  • Not getting that Umami response -- but oils do dry as prior.
  • Molasses holds, root beer don't.
  • Balance of sweet and sharp is a good-sized improvement, but imperfected.
  • Dusty exotic spices come on and altar the stir-fry in a bit of complexity.
  • Nic is evening out.
  • Mouth is some bit dry.
  • Chocolate gets that wax, but is richer than previous offering.
  • Packing softens, draw remains at its ever nice medium+ tension.
Appearance O
Construction W
Combustion O
Flavors/Body W
Strength W

  • Some ginger comes in on draw.
  • "A deeply toasted cream is at work now." Yes, less deeply.
  • R/H is a tick kinder here than there, but not verily.
  • Much less leather here, than there. And more oily.
  • Zero abrasion on my palate thus far.
  • Burn unevens a lil more.
  • Caramel and vanilla up-tick.
  • Black soil is there, but here the chocolate braces it mainly.
  • Strength (nic) is back up.
  • Body doesn't seem to be falling off as in the Torpedo.
  • After six months in humi, I'd expect a far smoother offering.
  • "The finish is a sharpness threatening on bite of leather, dirt, and diesel."
  • No diesel. Oily leather vibe, soil not earth -- now. Still sharp. ^
  • Palate is a bit unsettled.
  • Flavors do mottle, but there is a semblance of balance therein.
  • Cloves are high middling and a graham cracker is low.
  • Primaries? Hard to say. Chocolate and Asian spices. r/w peppers.
  • Dirt under-belly. Some cereal grain.
  • Seam loosens at char. Re-touch is shortly thereafter, required. Holds.
  • Strength soars.
  • Leathery oils up-tick on shaft an mouth-feel.
  • Notes do develop further here than there. Just not always clearly/kindly.
  • Smoky hot sauce gets into my throat at band. Palate is finally abraded. Tongue too.

Appearance O
Construction O
Combustion O
Flavors/Body W
Strength I

(C- previously)